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Simple, Healing Food!

Featuring Simple, Healing Food by the wonderful Jo Whitton!

This amazing all rounded cook book is brilliant and a must read. It’s bursting with delicious first class recipes!🥙

From quirky things like making creams and sauerkraut to full on gluten-free and vegan dishes, worthy of royalty. 💚

This hefty book is fuss free and supports any type of diet! 🥗💛

Read on to find out more...

Jo Whitton's Work

Jo has written a few amazing inspiring books over the years, "Simple, Healing Food" being her most recent release. One of her first books "Quirky Cooking" is the ultimate cookbook for sensitive eaters. The book features an in-depth basics chapter packed with recipes for gluten-free flour, rice-almond milk, cashew cream, coconut yoghurt and nut butter, amongst others.

This wonderful book contains over 150 mouth watering recipes which are also allergy friendly! Jo has also won the Gourmand Awards Best Corporate Cookbook in Australia. Her work is unrivalled!

I would have to say her Raspberry scrolls recipe is a must do! They are super rich in flavour and can please any guests. Personally I feel they would be absolutely perfect for a garden tea party!

Now this next book is probably one of Jo's most successful reads. Rightly so, it's brimming with Paleo and Gluten-Free recipes! This book will enrich your diet with nourishing foods! Presenting... Life Changing Food! For this book she partnered up with Wholefood Chef and Writer Fouad Kassab!

The focus is on gut health, and most recipes are suitable for GAPS and Paleo diets, with dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, vegan and vegetarian variations where possible.

The book is for everyone, from novices to experienced cooks. The idea is on flavour and nutrition, so the recipes are easy to follow but deliver beautiful dishes that offer nourishment and healing.

If you’re just starting out with gluten-free/whole food cooking, or if you’ve been eating this way for a while, Life-Changing Food will help you progress even further on your journey to wellness.

Jo and Fouad share their stories, insights and tips to create a powerful, motivational cookbook that will change the lives of those who embrace it. Truly a one of a kind!

From Jo to you about Simple, Healing Food

Linked here is a video of Jo explaining her work and why she wrote the book Simple, Healing Food.

Come in today! Purchase this amazing book from The Healthy Hub. P.S all the books we stock written by Jo are signed with her autograph. Big thank you to Jo for that love act of generosity!

Thank you for Reading this Article!

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