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Pieces of Paradise

The art of painting is widely used in today's society, so many people project their life stories into their works but one stands out amongst the rest. Her name is Maria Schwede, a local Artist here in Cairns. The blessing of art is important to the world and we wish to showcase this wonderfully talented artist. Maria's artwork reaches beyond the boundaries of common realism into a realm of heightened beauty. The talent of her brushwork is expressive and deep. Her ability to capture moments in time and accentuate the smallest details is awe-inspiring...

Artist in the Making

Maria's journey began in Germany. At a young age, she always had talent with the brush and pen. In her youth, she also won countless prizes with her skills. Her name spread through her home town, not only was she using her skills in competitions but she also took requests from her teachers and classmates in school, drawing for them and teaching her classmates the art of sketching and brushwork. In recognition for her talents home town dedicated a section in the newspaper just for Maria, praising her.

After she graduated from school Maria took a shining in interior design. Her ability to draw a perfect representation of what the client envisioned on the spot strengthened Maria's public image. After receiving so much praise for her artistic talents she pursued that life of painting, to share her painted visions with the world.

Painting Paradise

Maria ventured to Australia, seeking adventure and inspiration. To find her paradise. She discovered this in Cairns QLD, here Maria found her muse in the form of Australian wildlife and nature. The discovery filled her will passion and she projected this onto her most famous and cherished art piece "Paradise".

This sanctuary is emasculate and captivating, it's a perfect scene depicting her Paradise; a place to recharge and find inner peace. To Maria, it was her exotic retreat, her happy place. This painting holds the intention to ignite the viewer's sanctuary, to inspire them and provide ideas in creating their paradise. This piece gained Maria a lot of attention, so she decided to share more depictions of nature and wildlife with the world.

Her ability to capture moments in time and emphasize their beauty is awe-inspiring. It's one thing to take a photo and amplify its quality but to hand paint such flawless pieces from her minds-eye is incredible.

Sharing With The World

As an artist self-advertisement can be quite challenging, there is a lot of competition in the creative works industry. Maria spreads the word of her work through word of mouth, social media, exhibitions and competitions. Here at The Healthy Hub, we showcase her works and enjoy seeing Maria get recognised, she is truly a talented artist. Maria self showcases her pieces at markets around Tropical North Queensland. Her most dedicated exhibitions are held at Port Douglas markets.

Here Maria painted live portraits of people, animals and scenery. Whatever the client wants she would sketch. Here is a piece she draws for a client. A flawless photo of an English Staffy blue nose, this piece captures the beautiful pup in a state of peace and happiness. Anyone can make requests, nothing is too elaborate for this gifted woman! Maria also designs and delivers beautiful chalkboard art for a few businesses here in Cairns, these are but are not limited to: The Chambers and Ollie's Italian on the Waterfront. We highly recommend hiring Maria for her artistic talents, she's extremely flexible and listens to what the client wants. PLUS she delivers 5 star quality for a great deal!


Maria is exceptionally talented, her art holds deep and emotional meanings. The ability she has to freeze moments in time and heighten the beauty of the scene with such detail is unrivalled. We support her and want to share her art with all of North Queensland. Maria's gift is truly unique and working with her to draw your perfect image is easy and flexible. We wish to share more locals like Maria in the coming month. Tune in next time to discover more amazing locals.

Maria's Socials

Instagram : @msestetica82

Ph: 0424 793 913

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