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Candles, Cleansing and consciousness

Awareness of the self and your surroundings is vital for mental wellbeing. We have never touched on a topic like this before. So here is a little something to help enlighten you valued readers about the importance of being self-aware and aware of energies that buzz around you.

The Power of Energy

As we progress through our day to day life we leave energy behind as we go. Imagine it as a trail of light, your path imprinted in time! The fascinating thing about energy is that our bodies can absorb it. For example, the heat from a heater is a form of energy, our bodies can take in this energy and use it to keep warm. Just like a heater living things also produce forms of energy, these energies can also be absorbed into the body. The majority of the time this is harmless, however, forces such as dark or negative energies can penetrate through our aura and enter the body.

Think of negative energy as a form of toxic radiation (ie. Radiation Poisoning). If there is too much radiation in the body it causes you to become sick, tired and in extreme cases even death. The same applies to negativity, if you are weighed down by this energy you can become nasty, violent and also self-destructive. Not only are living beings affected by energy but environments, inanimate objects and the internet can also absorb this negative energy, hence the phrase: " Be aware of the energy you bring into this room." The negative energy that has embedded itself into a room or object can be felt by all, especially psychics and people who are energy sensitive. Its been known if a room is full of absorbed negative energy it can influence anything present in said room, in a harmful way. Luckily there are ways to help release yourself, your object or your environment from this energy. This will be explained further below...

The Key To Cleansing

There are a few things you can do to help banish this energy. The most commonly performed is white sage smudging. Here at The Healthy Hub, we stock an array of these smudge sticks. We highly recommend using them, especially if you are a beginner in cleansing. To start the process, you will need to rein in your mind and focus on positive powerful thoughts, or even concentrate on a white/clear mind (ie. Imagining a blank sheet of paper or white lights.) next if you follow a divinity feel free to ask them to be with you at this moment and to aid you in cleansing your body and/or private spaces. If you do not follow any gods/divine figures you can just use the following incantation as you light and cleanse the zone: "Out with evil and negativity, in its place I fill this space/body/object with cleansing fog and light, you are cleansed". Now onto the fun practical stuff! So once you are calm and ready, hold the sage in your left hand and light it with a lighter/match, let the tip burn for a little bit. Once you notice the sage is nice and hot blow out the flame after you blow out the flame a nice pillar of white smoke should emerge. As the smoke fogs in front of you fan it at or around the target with your right hand. (fun fact: Left is the receiving hand and right is the giving hand.) While fanning the smoke resite your prayer or the incantation above, also it is potent to envision pure white and gold energy flowing from your heart down your right arm and projecting into the smoke through your hand. To self-cleanse the same methods apply, it is better to shower and scrub yourself before self-cleansing, just to help wash away impurities and reset the body. Now there are many methods when it comes to cleansing but today we will list off the more basic and globally used techniques.

Two more techniques are used if you either find smudge sticks aren't working or you are unable to get your hands on one. Technique 1. White lighting: The power of White Lighting is measured by how powerful you are spiritualitly. It doesn't work for everyone but those who shine bright with positive energy find it easy to banish negativity by white lighting. To start imagine a bright white or golden light radiating from your heart, completely encompassing your body. Expand the light to fill the room and beam any nasty dark energies out of its radius, or if you think your mind eye is powerful enough beam that light through them converting them into positive beings or energies. After this is done bring the light back into your chest and say "Go in Peace." You can perform this as many times as you can handle. It will be draining if practised all the time.

Technique 2. Blessing Water: Blessed Water can have extremely powerful purifying effects. Hence why it is used heavily in religious practises. To make Blessed Water is a little more tricky because it involves timing and concentration. For Purifying the spiritual mind or to be used in spellcraft we recommend trine blessed moon water. The luna properties infused with it is perfect for energy work. To make this type of blessed water take a bowl of mineral water and mix a tablespoon of pure sea salt into it, then put the bowl out in the waxing gibbous moon and leave it there each night to absorb the luna energy. It is best to take it out two nights before the full moon and then do this oncemore on the third night in the full moon, bring in the water the next morning (preferably before the sunrise, solar and lunar energies could mix). Then pour it into a favourite glass jar of yours. To use the water in cleansing you must either anoint the recipient either by sprinkling the water on them or pouring a few tablespoons into a salt bath and then having them bathe in it.

Aromatherapy and Candle Work

Aromatherapy is one of the most potent ways to cleanse your body and fill it with specific types of energy. The reason why it's so powerful is that the sinuses are linked to the brain. When you inhale water droplets like oils and candle sents it is absorbed directly through the nasal cavities and flows right to the brain creating a reaction. These are not only physical reactions but also spiritual reactions. For example, Lavender is one of the world's most widely used relaxant herbs. Lavender aids depression, insomnia, mood swings, and stress. It clears your thinking, reduces worry, and balances emotions. The chemicals in the plant react with the brain causing a soothing effect on our emotions and body. However, like everything "living" it holds energy properties that are held in its biological make-up. This energy holds calming at its core and is dispersed when activated. The human body is like a radiating reactor, we adapt to the energy around us then project the energy at a more powerful frequency. Ways to go about aromatherapy is widely available, in fact here at The Healthy Hub we sell a HUGE range of oils, a whole wall full of them. One for every need! After you get your oils you can also purchase a defuser from us. The defusers we stock are stylish and produce a potent amount of sent from the smallest drop of oil, so nothing is wasted. Once you are all set pour a cup of water into the defuser and add two drops of oil. Seen below is a list of oils we stock and their powerful influences on the body and atmosphere.

You can also treat your body, mind and soul by ingesting certain oils and/or placing them on your skin as long as you use a base oil like apricot cooking oil. Direct contact to the skin without a base can cause inflammation. Some oils are not to be ingested, please if you wish to ingest oils talk to a shop assistant about it when purchasing or checking the web. We advise just to use the oils in a diffuser, to be on the safe side.

Candle Light

Lucky last is candles! Nothing says peace and tranquillity like burning candles. There's just something about them that ignites a feeling of sanctuary and consciousness. Throughout history, candles have been a staple in religious and ritual practices. From bringing light into a home to invoking a deity. There is no doubt that candles are one of the most powerful tools used in spirituality to date.

To this day the power of candles is recognised, from birthday wishes to romantic dinners our society uses candles innately. They hold a massive part in the social structuring of ritualistic events. However, candles hold more power than people are led to believe. The colour of a candle affects the energies it emits, for example, red/pink candles give off a romance inducing vibration that tantalises the primal passion receptors in our soul. On the other end of the spectrum, red can be used to inflict pain and pink can be used for lust. It's all to do with the intention and usage of the candle. There is a lot of stereotyping around candles and witchcraft thanks to Hollywood's inaccurate depictions of them. Remember movies arent real. A white candle can be just as effective as a black one in harming. As mentioned before it's all to do with intentions. You can also anoint a candle with oils to help direct the energy into a specific need. A common one is rose oil on a red candle, the power of the red candle and the fragrance of roses induces a state of romance and passionate love. Candles can also be used for cleansing and protection. Black candles despite the stereotypes are very powerful in protecting you from harm and banishing those who wish to cause harm. White candles bring about light and purity, they can work like the white lighting ritual mentioned above. The power of candles is sacred to humans and holds immense influence over our most treasured of events. At The Healthy Hub, we recognise the power of candles, either fragrant or scentless we stock a large range of candles, one for every occasion!


In summary, energy is vital for our health, it's important to have knowledge about it and be aware of the ways to purify negative energy. All types of energy affect our mind, body, soul and environment. Regular cleansing should be a ritual in your day to day life, we recommend every 3-6 months is perfect in keeping your space free of shadows and negativity. Everything mentioned above can be found here at The Healthy Hub, we only want the best for you valued readers and hope this read was pleasant and enlightening! Thank you for reading.

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