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Crazy for Kokopod!

The Healthy Hub presents.....Kokopod!

Everyone raves about how amazing European chocolate is, and rightly so because its delicious. Lucky for us we have Kokopod!

What is Kokopod?

Well Kokopod is a chocolate factory here in Australia that creates real authentic European chocolate! Founded by Brigid Woolnough, this fantastic chocolate company thrives to lift the worlds perception on what QUALITY truely stands for! Becuase real food is much more the just flavour, its a passion and the physical manifestation of love.

This really does show in their chocolate. Its beautifully crafted and super delicious! The blending of science, love and art creates incredible flavours. Due to this its no suprised this company is multi-award winning for its creations!

Did we mention they have GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN options! How good is that!

We stock a flavoursome range of KOKOPOD chocolate here at The Healthy Hub! A bar to suit anyone. Here is a list of just some of those amazing choices:

First up something super creamy and tropical, we have the........

Vegan Pina Colada!

Fill your mouth with the zingy flavour of pineapple and the creamy bursts of coconut through this vegan whyte chocolate. P.s Its GLUTEN FREE!!

Next up we have the more warm, roasted and citrus blend. This Earthy bar is........

Orange & Almond!

Orange segments, roasted almonds & caramelised cocoa nibs on Fine European chocolate. Its to die for!

P.s. this one is GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN as well!

The next up on the list of amazing flavours is something super unique, unusual and really nice!

If you like alittle spicy,something tangy and exotic then this one is perfect for you! introducing the .......

Chilli Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar!

Absolutely Buzzing with Raspberry and bound to give you a slight kick, this exotic master piece is made on European dark chocolate. This spectacular blend is perfect to impress the guests at your next soiree! P.s. its 100% GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN too!

Come try these amazing bars and more!

Hurry before they sell out!

Only at The Healthy Hub <3

Stocking the Rare and Exotic.

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