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Open? Yes we are.

Yes, we are still open for business. Yay :)

Come into our café and buy yourself a meal, drink, or treat for takeaway!

Store open as per usual, though customers are asked to be responsible and take extra precautions when browsing through items. This includes things like touching or testing products. We ask that customers browse "hands-on" as less as possible and preferably only touch what they will buy.

Our staff regularly washes their hands, and our benches and equipment are regularly sanitised.

As for the Café, it also remains open, however for takeaway ONLY.

It's a tough time for everyone, so lets all work through this together. At this point anything could change as far as opening hours are concerned. But for now we are 100% open as per usual and would love your support through this all :)

Stay safe and be responsible.

- The Healthy Hub

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