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Bougie Boody Bamboo Wear

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Ever feel like your sleep wear is just not cutting it in the comfort meter and you dont want to invest in something unsustainable like cotton or worse polyester? Well we are happy to inform you that there is an alternative to this, something far better for the planet and hits that comfort meter to the max.

From quality, sustainability, everyday basics to relaxed essentials, Boody Bamboo is the most relaxing, soft and priceworthy clothing brand we have to offer.

The organically grown bamboo is full of benefits that will shock you:

  • Anti-bacterial: to beat that after-work B.O.

  • Thermoregulating: to keep you cool on those sunny days and warm in cold nights

  • Super soft: the caress of this fabric is so delicate it embodies comfort

  • Breathable: just like Egyptian cotton, super exotic

Boody and the Environment

Boody strives to put sustainable thinking at the center of everything they do. This goal to keep "mother nature first" is a blessing as significant amounts of waste is created from cotton and polyester. Boody Bamboo is ECO-friendly, and use state-of-the-art computer knitting to create seamless garments, meaning the waste production is minuscule. The bamboo they use to create their beautiful clothing is 100% pesticide and fertilier free. The water they use to grow the bamboo is all rainwater and recycled/reused. Boody has avoided 4,803,955 km of driving emissions, 42,126,112 hours of LED bulb energy saved, 500,040,928 litres of drinking water saved and 234 hectares of land farmed without the use of pesticides. Now thats a solid ECO flex!

Styles for Comfort

Boody stocks both menswear and womenswear, from luxurious socks and underwear to silky t-shirts and trousers. They also stock a fantastic range of comfy active wear! The ventilation of the breathable fabric is god sent especially when doing a hardcore workout!

For those beautiful ladies out there they also have a lovely line of lingerie.

All this and more at The Healthy Hub.

Support us, Support Nature, Support Local.

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