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Vegan Ready Made Meals 

We have developed a range of fully plant based ready-made-meals (many of them are also gluten free) that are ready to just heat and eat. Yes, all our meals are vegan - free of eggs, dairy and meat products. It's amazing what can be done just using plant ingredients!

To support our local farmers, our meals feature local produce, and are organic when available. The meals are great for the office lunch, or the hassle free evening meal - convenience food, but made with fresh & healthy ingredients, with love from our team of certified cooks!

It's also a great way to add a few plant based meals into your weekly repertoire, or to lend a helping hand to a loved one in a time of need by providing healthy meals.
We have partnered with the very talented software team at Cookaborough, in order to efficiently reach a larger audience. There systems are meticulous, and ensure a smooth experience for you the customer!

Our menu will change on a regular basis, featuring different meals to satisfy your craving for variety, but we promise your favourites will be available permanently!

Signing up to view our menu is totally free, and super easy. Just click the link below to find out more. It's not necessary to order every week, you can be a swinging customer!
We are super excited for the next step in our journey to serve our community, and we would be thrilled for you to join us!

Yours in Health and Convenience,
-- Alison and The Healthy Hub Team

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