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Welcome to Our Online Store

Organic Cairns. Where fresh, organic, local foods come together to educate, revive and redesign your health experience.

We welcome you to The Healthy Hub and The Healthy Hub Café in our friendly home town Cairns. Shopping fresh, organic and local has just been made a whole lot easier, now only a few clicks away.

With our huge product range starting at fresh organic local produce ranging through from vegan alternatives, organic canned and dried goods all the way too free range meats and eggs. our store has everything your home, kitchen and body needs.

Our store and staff members pride ourselves on being as environmentally conscious as possible and therefore we have a huge range of environmentally friendly household cleaners, food storage and wrapping options all the way through to bathroom needs and baby care.

Creating a more natural and wholesome future for yourself and your family will never be easier, with our team's knowledge and experience we are here to help and support your journey along the way.

Enjoy our Special Recommendations

Vegan Sausage Roll

Vegan Sausage Roll

1L The Healthy Hub Virgin Organic Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed

1L The Healthy Hub Virgin Organic Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed

Certified Organic Peanuts Dry Roasted

Certified Organic Peanuts Dry Roasted